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“Your subjective & destructive COVID business guidelines will not stop us from infusing life into our community both socially and economically.  We provide and will continue to provide hope, vitality, happiness, and joy necessary for human well-being in our communities”


Nevada County group comprised of a dozen restaurants are filing a lawsuit because of arbitrary restrictions that have damaged their communities and will seek damages for the economic destruction they have caused to their communities, families and business.


The lawsuit alleges that Governor Newsom has exceeded his emergency powers in issuing


Executive Orders that violated plaintiffs’ constitutional rights to due process, equal protection,

5th amendment uncompensated takings, commerce clause, 1st amendment right to free speech, assembly, and petition.  In addition to the Governor, the suit names the Director of Public Health, the State Health Officer, the Attorney General, and the Nevada County Board of Supervisors in their official capacities.


“It has been seven months since the initial dire predictions were made regarding COVID-19.  In March Newsom predicted 25 million Californians might get the virus. The actual number to date is less than 1 million with fewer than 9 million contracting the virus in the country as a whole. A review of the state’s most recent list of restrictions, the “Blueprint for a Safer Economy”, shows there is no set of criteria under which the local businesses can fully reopen; restaurants are forced to remain at 50 percent capacity or less for however long the Governor subjectively deems necessary,” said Coalition Lead Attorney Steven Bailey.


Ken Paige, owner of Friar Tuck’s and a leader in the Coalition, stated, “this lawsuit is about The Governor who overstepped his authority by mandating unconstitutional orders that created horrendous irreparable damage to our communities and businesses.  Already in California, more than 20,000 small businesses have closed permanently as a result of the governor's severe destructive policies.  If we don’t challenge these ill-considered policies, the destruction will only continue and ruin the communities we love and the restaurants that provide life. “

Nevada County Restaurant Coalition with CCRF Files Lawsuit against Governor Newsom over never ending Covid-19 Restrictions!